There is a cosmological aspect in all the things that bind us together. A universal language. Cosmos, originally a Greek word, describes the idea of an orderly universal system. But it also translates as world; our world. In Volume 01 of The Greek Foundation, we explore this feeling of universal familiarity. Every little detail that touches our humanity, evokes our senses, speaks heartfelt words and links us to Greece from every corner of the world. The Greek Foundation has always been aiming to explore and redefine the Greekness of things, through all forms of creative expression, connect artists to the world and provide new visionary perspectives. We felt that now was the right time to put our efforts on paper, in a transition from digital to physical, translating the digital approach of our platform to a traditional print edition. In a way, going from the future to the past; or maybe the other way around. This is how we view the world – we believe that boundaries between the future and the past are vague. Thus, we’re not going backwards, but moving forward with a timeless perspective which spans from the past to the future.

In Volume 01, Greece reveals its unspoiled face through modern architecture, slow living, natural materials, authentic crafts and pure culinary experiences. Every inspiring idea that the past has left behind, is now found well-kept in emblematic individuals, exciting stories, contemporary creatives and remote island corners. Stories from the past translated to contemporary narratives, and futuristic ideas brought to life in the present. This publication is a collective effort to embrace the continuity of life through cultural evolution – as a path to the exploration of the long road since the beginning of time. Meeting architects, artists, designers, photographers and creatives of all kinds, at the heart of their dreams and achievements, we let them speak for themselves. Drawing inspiration from their unique stories to build a brighter view of the world. From the deep roots to its glorious present. This is our intention and continuous effort; the point where we stand trying to balance, exploring new ways of creative expression. One step at a time. Forever.

Founder and Director: Kostis Karatzas
Editor-in-Chief: Christina Dimitriou
Curator: Demetrios Panayotidis

Materials: Natural linen book hardcover, stitched binding
Features: 224 pages, over 120 original unretouched photographs
Dimensions: 240 x 310 x 30 mm. Language: English

ISBN: 978-618-85970-0-6
Published in April 2022 by The Greek Foundation
Printed in Greece ​