TGF Volume 02

The meaning of ‘good life’ is in constant evolution. Leaving behind countless years overwhelmed with the lucid power of negativity, coupled with the harsh reality of physical distancing, urban dwellers are now moving closer to each other. And here comes an optimistic paradox. Although ‘going offline’ has become part of our modern language, encouraging us to race to the suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolitan centers, we choose to stay here. Closer than we’d ever been before. We choose our cities. The Greek Foundation Volume 02 is an alternative itinerary for the booming urban culture. In search of glory days, we stand at the airfield waiting to board a flight to our own ever-changing daily routines. And in order to seize every day, we first need to know what to do with it. We need to learn how to measure time by moments -both real and utopian-, to re-think how and where we live.

Pockets of greenery, state of art buildings, light-filled apartments, fresh pieds-à-terre, inspiring spots to hang out with a laptop, new technology, and a sense of innovation found inside the hidden working spaces of Greek creatives are now all gathered in the following pages. Stories that continuously evolve, with all of us being the storytellers or main characters. People who, at the end of the day, know both how to let their hair down or throw a good party. Exploring urbanism through neighborhoods, squares, cafes, bars, rooftops, bakeries, small retail units, and markets, we discover cities no longer stuck in the past. They are making the most out of their strengths and weaknesses, beliefs and ideas, traits, and decisions – by attempting to grow, change and strive for a better future. Focusing on the good things. Because the biggest reconstruction starts from within. From startups to heritage brands, and from the wisdom of the past to the boldness of youth. From the redefinition of our standards to crafting a whole new world. From anywhere else to exactly where we are now.

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Published in June 2023 by The Greek Foundation
Curated by Kostis Karatzas, Christina Dimitriou, Demetrios Panayotidis

Materials: Natural linen book hardcover, stitched binding
Features: 256 pages, over 120 original unretouched photographs
Dimensions: 240 x 310 mm. Language: English

ISBN: 978-618-85970-1-3

The Greek Foundation is an organization for Greek culture in a global world. It acts as a platform for the exchange and diffusion of Greek culture worldwide by promoting cultural production through all forms of creative expression, connecting artists to the world and providing new visionary perspectives. It aims, through all its activities, to explore and redefine the Greekness of things and be a global destination for Greek culture.

Printed in Greece