TGF SS22 Timeless Collection

Delve into a world of genuine, meaningful, handcrafted objects and discover a list of highly skilled makers in-depth. The Greek Foundation‘s timeless collection, curated by Demetrios Panayotidis, offers a carefully selected range of homeware, tableware, and utilitarian items that embody the essence of craftsmanship and style. By bringing together this diverse selection, the collection invites you to appreciate the beauty of handmade objects and the stories they hold.


Handmade Brass Set

Inspired by the timeless beauty of ancient Greek vessels and arches, Greek-Dutch architect and designer Anna Rosa Moschouti has meticulously crafted an exquisite collection of contemporary tableware exclusively for the Greek Foundation. This thoughtfully designed set features a candle holder, a vase, and four coasters, all expertly crafted from brass to create a stunning focal point for any minimalist tablescape. The clean lines and enduring aesthetic of these pieces beautifully reflect the designer’s philosophy.

With a deep commitment to ethical practices and sustainability, Anna Rosa Moschouti ensures that every material used in her work is carefully sourced from small Greek family companies. This dedication shines through in each item of the collection, where clean designs, fair processes, and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship are upheld with utmost care.


Handcrafted Ceramics

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by renowned ceramicist George Vavatsis, The Greek Foundation offers a curated range of functional ceramic dinnerware. This exquisite collection features a large plate, a small plate, and a bowl, all meticulously handcrafted in a delicate off-white shade, boasting a smooth and pristine surface. Additionally, the collection includes an espresso cup, a cappuccino cup, and a mug, each embodying a minimal and sleek geometric design with a subtly dotted surface. Each item in this assortment is individually wheel-thrown using the finest light stoneware, reflecting an impressive level of craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality.


Handwoven Rug

Drawing deep inspiration from Greece’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, textile designer and weaver Meropi Ververi crafts exquisite pieces of remarkable beauty. With immense reverence for the land and its traditional techniques, she skillfully combines age-old practices with a contemporary aesthetic, resulting in mesmerizing creations that capture the essence of Greek artistry. Each woven piece serves as a profound homage to the splendor of natural and locally sourced materials, intricately brought to life on her beloved traditional loom.

By skillfully juxtaposing symmetry and asymmetry, Meropi Ververi has carefully handcrafted an unparalleled rug that takes its inspiration from the profound concepts of balance and geometry. Crafted with meticulous care using a harmonious blend of cotton and acrylic, The Greek Foundation Handwoven Rug brings warmth and elegance to any space, featuring a captivating geometric pattern of black lines against a soothing off-white backdrop. This exquisite textile work, exclusively created for The Greek Foundation, beautifully exemplifies the essence of craftsmanship, creative spirit, and the human touch, all rooted in the natural world.


Signature Candle & Accessories

Immerse yourself in the essence of Corfu island, Greece, with The Greek Foundation Signature Candle. Handcrafted in a small village, this candle is the result of the meticulous work of CHOE, an environmentally conscious brand. Using 100% natural soy wax, The Greek Foundation Signature Candle embodies sustainability and purity. Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious blend of scents. The timeless aroma of century-old cedar trees imparts a warm and spicy note, while the invigorating, zesty fragrance of lime adds a vibrant and refreshing touch. Each candle is lovingly poured by hand, ensuring an ethically made product of the highest quality.

The Greek Foundation tote bags are made from 100% cotton-canvas in a classic beige color. Adorned with the iconic TGF logo and a delightful selection of Greece-related quotes. Designed with practicality in mind, these tote bags feature long handles for easy carrying and a bottom gusset that provides extra space for your belongings.